First known drawing of Mickey Mouse

What is Narrative Retailing?

We all love stories. They ignite imagination. They fill us with wonder. They push us humans forward. So we wondered, what if you bring the power of story and its emotional impact to retail?

Fabled is a retail media startup that makes sneakers based on stories - past, present and future. Each project is supported with original art like film, music and experiences.   

We believe passionately in the power of story to spread happiness and inspiration to others. In the words of Walt Disney, we look for tales that connect with that "clean, unspoiled spot down deep in every one of us, that maybe the world has made us forget." We call it Narrative Retailing. 


Who’s driving this thing?

The Fabled team is a diverse group of talent - former Global Marketing Director of Nike, a Harvard business professor, financial leaders, former athletic superstars, elite designers, music industry leaders and more.

 Portrait of Thor Roner, also Chris Roner

Founder, Thor Ronér  //  LinkedIn   Email