MARKET VALUE: $325,000

Brand development
Capital spent: $4,900
Market value: $300,000

We saved considerable capital in this area of work because of the expertise of the team. Much of this work was related to branding a company and is not a recurring cost going forward. This includes development of naming, logo, brand voice, strategy, product photography, design, etc. 



Capital spent: $1,000
Market value: $8,000

We wanted to carry the idea of Narrative Retailing through to everything. An example is Tinkerman, a fun character we have developed to be the face of innovation. He gets answers. No matter what. 


John Wooden Content
Capital spent: $3,100
Market value: $10,000

With a limited budget, we had to be creative. To celebrate Wooden’s love for poetry, we are using hip hop - modern day poetry - to introduce the legendary mentor and his message to new generations. Below are samples of work submitted by users remixing John Wooden's teachings.

Moving forward with other projects, we will increase the budget for content.



PR & Influencers
Capital spent: $7,000
Market value: $7,000

Quality PR agencies typically cost $10k - $30k a month - out of our budget. There was no way around this one and being undercapitalized has hurt us. We had zero coverage at launch. After a lot of searching and dead ends, we ended up working with two consultants. 

We currently have features lined up for the following publications.