Limited Edition: John Wooden

Limited Edition: John Wooden


The unisex, versatile sneaker is as humble, honest, self-assured and detailed as the Legend himself.

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Fabled John Wooden poster

U.S. Release Date: 2018
Director:  Thor Roner

Coach John Wooden started with a rag basketball made from his mother's panty hose to go on and earn the distinction of the greatest coach in the history of sport, winning 10 titles in 12 years while coaching at UCLA. He's an American hero. His name is a synonym for success. Most importantly, he's a great mentor. That, according to Thor, is what ultimately sparked the story. "We really wanted to explore his message in the context of our "look at me" world. The story is about success - and that it has nothing to do with fame or validation on Instagram."


Fabled John Wooden sneaker Jet Black
Fabled John Wooden sneaker Jet Black


Fabled's projects take a crazy amount of research. We visited museums, sifted through mountains of books, spoke with family and former players, sourced materials from the 60s and much more. John Wooden won five championships in the 60s and five in the 70s. The two decades were the pinnacle of his career. The images below is a brief look at the culture, style and mood of the country during his peak.

Fabled - John Wooden coaching UCLA basketball team


I believe in the basics: attention to, and perfection of, tiny details the might commonly be overlooked. They may seem trivial, perhaps even laughable to those who don’t understand, but they aren’t. They are fundamental. They are the difference between champions and near champions.

Wooden was obsessed with details, going as far as teaching his players how to properly put on socks. This philosophy inspired every decision, making us even argue over the hue of the thread. It's not easy creating something as humble, honest, self-assured and detailed as the Legend himself.


  • Feather-light at 7.5 ounces

  • Stichless quilted collar for flexibility and comfort

  • Premium materials

  • Achilles cradle made with basketball uniform material

  • Silhouette inspired by basketball heritage

  • Signature Fabled footbed

  • Wooden's iconic eyeglasses hidden in logo

  • 10 stars on the heels for 10 championships

  • Sole design based on Pyramid of Success



To celebrate Wooden's love for poetry (his favorite teaching tool), we are using modern day poetry - hip hop - to celebrate his message and introduce it to younger generations. Artists from around the world are remixing his message, gaining exposure and winning sneakers. Email us if you want to enter.   

To learn more about the relationship between John Wooden, basketball and hip hop, read Wooden x Hip Hop by Professor Adam Bradley. The author of The Poetics of Hip Hop and the New York Times bestseller One Day It’ll All Make Sense, a memoir for the rapper and actor Common.

Fabled Warm Brew of Red Bull Records

Wooden Studio.

Fabled created the Coach Wooden Pop up studio in Los Angeles. It was a chance to view rare memorabilia, enjoy musical performances, meet former players and family, and more. 

Fabled Coach Wooden pop-up studio, Los Angeles



Design Team
Thor Ronér
Benjamin Shaffer
Danny Peter
Carina Hamel
Steven Hamel

"One Shot"
Performed by Warm Brew
Produced and engineered by Zoux Bluestein & DJ Jorgen
Red Bull Records

Special thanks to
The Wooden Family
Daniel Siegal
Ernest J. Baskerville
Mike Warren
Professor Adam Bradley



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